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Refund/Exchange Policy

Thank you for your support to JUNSUI. Please read our refund/exchange policy carefully, as this means you accept our listed terms and conditions when your are browsing or using the service provided by this website.

【Terms and Condition】

All products cannot be refund or exchange in any unauthorized situations after you received our products. (JUNSUI has all rights to act at one's discretion.)

Please ensure all the specifications and quantity of your order before making any payments, otherwise your order cannot be cancelled once order has been completed. Please contact us if you wish to make changes on any items of your order. We will try to arrange for you at our best, however changes cannot be made if the product has been given to our authorized delivery company or ordered from our suppliers.


Please examine the products of your order are correct and complete to guarantee your own legal rights.


We do not provide cash refund service. 

Procedure for Refund

  1. If you have any questions that need to return/refund, please contact us within 3 working days and we will arrange a return of product to our store. 

  2. Make sure to maintain a complete packaging of the product, including purchased product, attachment, inner and outer packaging, free gift, receipt, etc.

  3. After confirming the status of product that conform the refund/exchange policy, we will arrange a refund or exchange within 7 working days, overdue will not be accepted.


  • After checking the return of broken product and certified documents, we retain the rights of refusing the refund and exchange of products. If return or exchange is accepted, we retain the rights of receiving administration fee or handling fee regardlessly. 

  • In any circumstances, all additional fees (include but not limit on delivery fees) in all orders are not available for refund, and prices of free gifts will be deducted in the refund. 

【Unaccepted Refund/Exchange Items】

  1. The original packaging of product are damaged / smeared / broken / incomplete (including package wrapping paper/box has been torn off).

  2. Delivery list, receipt, free gift, product related accessories are lost or incomplete.

  3. Special remark of not available for refund/exchange products on selling.

  4. Issues caused by inappropriate storage of customers.

  5. Slight appearance issues and not affecting the quality of products during delivery (including the outer box / body / scratch and crumple on minor accessories).

  6. Any free gifts / attachments / samples / presents.

  7. Exceed the exchange period of product count on the out for delivery day. 

  8. Product is damaged but not asking for exchange upon collection.

  9. Products that are opened, used or artificial damage.

  10. Quality issue does not exist in the product.

  11. Appearances or colours difference issues occurred by computers' or mobile phones' monitors.

  12. Pre-order products are delayed by suppliers shipment schedule or any personal reasons.

    * We will review all our products to ensure the best quality and pack pleasantly before delivering the order. However, we cannot avoid any damage or lost during the journey of delivery. Customers should consider any risks of delivery before purchasing. All risks are undertake by customers.  

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