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Brand: Nakaya Brothers

Material: Wood

Made In Japan

Overall dimensions (cm): width 6.7 x depth 6.7 x height 6.7


Product Description: Yamanaka Lacquerware is a type of lacquerware made from Yamanaka Onsen area in Ishigawa prerfecture Kaga-shi. Since the Edo period, it has been classified as a traditional craft by the internatonal trading and industrial department, and the value of output is the highest in Japan. The characteristics of Yamanaka Lacquerware are the beauty of natural wood grain and the elegance of lacquerware. It is famous on using the traditional kashoku-biki techniques to carve the exceptionally fine grooves (sensuji) or inlays (zogan) and also an embossed gilt lacquerware (taka-maki-e). This kind of lacquerware is popular as household items, as it blends in the taste of classics and the dynamic of modernism.

Black Kodaiji Taka-maki-e Tea Canister (Yamanaka Lacquerware)

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