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Brand: Sankoudo | KunSanGama

Material: Ceramics

Made In Japan

Overall dimensions (cm): Large - width 12.7 × height 7.5
Small - width 12.3 × height 7

Remarks: Microwave safe


Product Description: Hasami Ware is a lead free ceramic piece produced in Nagasaki prefecture Hasami-cho. Its earliest appearance in Edo period, and was very famous in the 16th century, even classified as imperial wedding supplies. The characteristics of Hasami ware is the clearness of white ceramic texture and cobalt blue pattern. Amongst Hasami ware, "Rice Bowl" is the most representable production. It is a thick body ceramic bowl that is not easy to break with a arabesque pattern painted by the pen.

Maple Couple Bowl (Hasami Ware)

SKU: TC002
PriceFrom HK$596.00
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