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Japanese Ceramics

There are great variety of ceramics in Japan and famous all over the world. Top 3 of most representative ceramics: Arita-yaki (ありたやき), Mino-yaki (みのやき) and Seto-yaki (せとやき). Other than these 3 famous ceramics, there are also outstanding ceramics from different prefectures. Where are they locate at? What are the differences amongst all?

Map of Japan Ceramic Production.(Credits: Japan Ceramics Association)

Japanese ceramics usually name by their place of production: 'Name of place + YAKI'. 'YAKI' (焼き) is short form for 'YAKIMONO' (焼き物) in Japanese, means ceramics. For example, 'Setoyaki' means ceramics produced in Seto prefecture.

Mid-lands Area

Kutani-yaki(Ishikawa Prefecture)

Mino-yaki (Gifu Prefecture)

Kansei Area


Kyushu Area

Hasami-yaki(Hasami-cho, Higashisonogi-gun, Nagasaki Prefecture)


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